Tips for using Instagram to promote your business Part 1

Instagram is a new and innovative way to promote your business.It has millions of active users around the globe and it is great way to connect with younger population.   At first for a “social media novice” it might feel confusing and difficult but let me assure you it is easier than you think. So here are few tips on how to improve you business with Instagram, we will be making a small series of tips so stay in tune.

1. Reach further with #hashtags

Instagram uses hashtags to categorize posts. So if individual wants to see about fashion he/she will search #fashion. This is a great way to reach further and get you products seen around the world. Official recommendation is to use between 3 to 5 hashtags in a post, but up to 30 hashtags are allowed.

Remember to create you company’s official hashtag (#youcompanyname) so if anyone wants to see posts that include you company they will find it easily. Hashtags can be added to the end of the post, or in the middle of the sentence, both ways are widely used.

Here you can see how ford have used their Instagram page to reach to a very wide audience, by adding a picture of a super cute girl with ford mustang and adding hashtags like #fourthofjuly whits is widely search hashtag around that time.


2. Showcase your product in action

If you are selling a physical product it is of course important to have clear pictures with neutral background of it, so show exactly what you are offering. But in Instagram it is possible to show you product in a fun and unconventional way to make it more appealing and interesting. Photograph it in use, or in nature or any other appealing way to rise an interest in people that maybe wouldn’t other wise get interested of you product.

If you provide a service, take pictures of different sections of the service, maybe things the customer wont normally see. Take them behind the scene and show them how things run.

This is a good example of a service providers Instagram page and how they make the service more reliable and interesting to a customer.

Here are first few tips to Instagram marketing. Part 2 will be coming shortly.

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