Tips for using Instagram to promote your business Part 2

This will continue the post earlier about business tips of Instagram, if you haven’t read it yet, it can be found here.

  3. Collaborating with customers and influential people

Instagram has a feature of adding @instagramPageName and make a link this way for anyone to have easy access to that page. So one great way to get more visibility is to collaborate with influential people, maybe give them you product to try and ask them to post it on their instagram page and add @yourcompanyname in the post, so everyone that sees it can easily find your page.

Here is one where the company have give their product to be tested, and got views and maybe even followers as return.

4. Make stories and build and anticipation

Instagram posts should be well thought of and high quality, and that can take time. So one way to keep your followers interested is to make stories. These can be little less refined and it gives company’s great tool to interact with their followers and give insight to the customer.

Also creating dissipation by making posts that will tease about something yet to come. So for example new store opening, maybe a new product or sale. This makes followers feel special and privileged and they are more likely to come back to you page.

Here is a company creating a anticipation with a teaser post.

There is still many more tools to use when creating a strong follower base, we will come back with them shortly. Until then,Good bye.

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